Sunday, February 13, 2011

The First Video Game Music To Win A Grammy - History Is Made

Something amazing just happened. History was made. Music from a video game just won a Grammy. Christopher Tin's "Baba Yetu," the song that originally appeared as the opening song for Sid Meiers' PC hit Civilization IV, won "Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists". Also nominated was Tin's classical/world fusion album "Calling All Dawns" which won the Grammy for the "Best Classical Crossover Album".

What this brings forth is yet another notch on the "video games as art" debate that keeps rearing it's ugly head. I certainly hope that we see this happening more frequently and would love for them to finally include video game music in the categories for the Grammy's. It is great that this won at all, but the fact that there is still no category for video games in an industry awards show for something that has such a huge influence on music and is so heavily influenced by music makes no sense to me.

Here is a Video Games Live performance of the song, which is also credited for bringing much attention to it to begin with.

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