Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do George Lucas Fans Care About Red Tails?

So on January 20, 2012 the new movie 'Red Tails', produced by George Lucas (directed by Anthony Hemingway, Written by John Ridley) arrives in theaters. Will anyone notice?

I honestly don't know how many of my peers want to see a movie about World War II African-American aviators known as the Tuskegee Airmen. Not that it won't be a visually and historically interesting movie, I just don't know if people in my social group or with lower intelligence would go see a movie about a topic they aren't already invested in (i.e. video games, comedy, vampires, zombies, comic book characters, etc.) I actually enjoy movies inspired by true events but I am also a book nerd who reads biographies about dead monarchs and 18th-Century Art. Still, I hope to see this on the big screen. I don't want to see this just because Lucas is producing it but because I know it looks like it will be a high quality film. HBO produced a movie called The Tuskegee Airmen back in 1995 and I didn't see it. I think I was too busy that year waiting for Hackers to come out in the theaters.

For a movie coming out this month there hasn't been a lot of noticeable fan fair that I've seen so far. They have a Facebook page (Red Tails on Facebook), a trailer on Youtube (Red Tails (2012) HD Movie Trailer - Lucasfilm Official Trailer) and some news articles noting Lucas' childhood love of the story and how he began developing 'Red Tails' around 1988. Blah blah blah, They make it sound so boring to the average viewer.

Something we knew was going to happen, according to the information accompanying the YouTube trailer was "Production began in March 2009... but in March 2010, Lucas took over direction of reshoots, as Hemingway was busy working on episodes of the HBO series Treme. Hemingway will have final approval over the footage." Lucas had to make sure a production he was invested in was up to his standards and some editing was done in a Prague studio and at Lucasfilm. So, are you going to see "Red Tails" when it comes out?
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