Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red Dead Redemption Trailer - "My Name is John Marston"

If there is one series that Rockstar Games puts out that could be said to have a "cult" following, it is their now-franchise "Red Dead" series. Red Dead Revolver made a splash, as fans of gritty and violent Western action got the game they have been waiting for. With a "snowball-down-a-hill" following, the fan-base has grown large and vocal, and every bit excited with new tidbits of info on the sequel, Red Dead Redemption.

With sick graphics that make even the usually bland browns and grays of the desert pallet look sharp and vibrant, this trailer also boasts some awesome music and bad ass voice acting. I'm not usually one to get all fired up about varmints, saloons, calling people "city slickers" and drinking moonshine, but I'm definitely going to be all over this one. Check out the character trailer for John Marston below.

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