Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hulk Profile Video - The Super Hero Squad Show!

Hulk is the strongest one there is. Everyone knows that. Even if he is a cute and cuddly animated green thing on a seemingly just-for-kids show, he still is the strongest there is. Don't let his cuteness or hyper-stylization fool you, though. Hulk can still smash more than anyone else, and The Super Hero Squad Show ain't just for kids.

While it is easy to look at the funny forms that these versions of our favorite heroes and villains have taken in the show, there are many laughs for anyone who watches. Yeah, they originate from the cutesy toy series that has been out few years. Still, there are also tons and tons of obscure villains and heroes shown, so obviously this isn't just for your seven year old son or niece. This is for you too.

Marvel has provided us with a little video profile of the Hulk from the show, as well as pretty in-depth writeup. So watch the video below and click in to read all there is to know about this version of the Hulk.

Hulk’s a monster first, lovable second, childlike never. He’s the strongest Squadder, and the simplest, with major anger issues. When something sets him off, he becomes a tower of rage, ready to smash anything and everything in sight. Handy in a battle, but less helpful when it’s his turn to do the dishes. In such cases, it can take every member of the Squad to calm him. He can also be a bull in a china shop, walking through doors without opening them (or even walls). His rages on the Helicarrier frequently end with a hole in the ship’s foot-thick hull, and an angry green figure plummeting to the ground before bounding back.

Hulk and the other Squaddies: When not tearing locomotives in two, Hulk can be the most good-natured member of the Squad, pausing to pick a flower or pet a kitten (without being childish). Hulk's version of “grabbing a snack” means tearing off the refrigerator door, holding the fridge aloft and emptying it into his mouth. Because of his simplicity and gullibility, Hulk is the butt of Wolverine's wisecracks and the target of Falcon's pranks. Iron Man feels protective of him and tries to help Hulk control his awesome temper. But Tony needs to stop building weapons and vehicles for Hulk; the ones he can operate at all, he breaks. Still, Tony keeps at it, creating enough Hulk add-ons to fill a… an endcap, actually. Hulk is inspired by Tony Stark and thinks he can be an inventor too. He puts a bunch of junk together (like a toaster and a boot) and celebrates his invention (the toaster boot). His teammates are speechless. But you never know; the toaster boot might actually come in handy.

Hulk’s gift of gab is limited, but succinct. He calls Falcon “Bird,” Wolverine “Claw,” the Surfer “Shiny,” etc. He thinks like a monster, so he doesn’t always put two and two together: He believes the Falcon is a bird, and will occasionally stuff birdseed down Falcon’s throat. He thinks Redwing is Falcon’s offspring: “Bird has baby bird! Cuute!” So as much as Falcon’s pranks bother Hulk, he does have his own innocent form of payback. And while Hulk likes to “smash,” he has a strong sense of justice. Hulk needs to learn to curb his anger and value his sensitive side. Or go play with a tire.

Naturally, Hulk supplies the team’s supreme STRENGTH FACTOR.
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