Monday, November 16, 2009

Circle Of Eight Episode 7: Exclusive Clip and Image

Circle of Eight is slowly becoming the most complicated, mysterious, and insanely detailed Easter Egg hunt the internet has ever known. Those who are obsessing, let alone paying attention, will find number puzzles, references to old literature and head-scratching moments a-plenty. Those who don't get that involved simply dig the winding plot and weird life (or death) that our buddy Jessica seems to be leading.

We're just along for the ride, watching as this lady loses her damn mind. In fact, could this all just be a product of her going nuts? Or is she simply dead and she just doesn't know it yet? Whatever the case may be, the plot thickens tomorrow, and here is an early look at an exclusive clip for Episode 7 that you will only find here on Entertaining Evil! Sound off below and let us know what you think is going on! Oh, and click on the photo up there, cause that sucker is an exclusive too!

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