Thursday, October 8, 2009

Venom Gets A New Writer And Director In Gary Ross

If  you've never heard of Gary Ross, don't worry too much about it. He's been involved with more "behind the scenes" specials and TV shows than he has written, directed, or acted in actual movies. What he has done, however, you've probably seen, or at least heard of. One thing for sure is that he has a working relationship with Tobey Maguire. Having both written Seabiscuit and Plesantville, Gary Ross also was brought in to do a rewrite on Spider-Man 4. Now he is taking on Venomthe first web-spin-off from the Spider-Man franchise, which seems to be a reboot of sorts. Of course they have to acknowledge Venom's history with Spidey, but I'm not quite sure how they are going to do it without referencing Spider-Man 3: Emo Dance-Fever Palooza.

The interesting thing is if they do show Spider-Man in this film at all, it will be the first time that we see Columbia's Spider-Man directed by anyone other than Sam Raimi. This "Lethal Protector" version of Venom is said to have him as more of an anti-hero than a villain. While I'm sure you need him to be at least partially good to have him be the guy you can root for, I hope they spend some significant time with him as a demented host to an alien symbiote, with conflicting voices in his head. Can we get someone to play him that looks a little more menacing and intimidating than Topher Grace, please? I don't mind Spidey looking like he's the kid in school that would get picked on, but Eddie Brock was a big meat-headed douche bag.. Let's get back to that, please? Hopefully some of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick's (Zombieland) script is intact, as they have a knack for comedy that would surely be much better than whatever has happened in the Spider-Man series so far.
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