Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pandorum iPhone Game Trailer - Even Phones Have Good Graphics?

Pandorum looks like one of those movies that just might creep the shit out of you, squeezing every last drop of anxiety from you like an old tube of toothpaste. Sometimes, atmosphere is everything. Even though I can only get a few ideas of what this film is about from the trailers, I'm interested in seeing it with the looming prospect of not knowing what the hell is going on. The use of this kind of mood, with a twisty narrative, lends itself greatly to video games. Inevitably, with the popularity of the iPhone, someone took notice.

Check out the trailer for the Pandorum game above, along with some more stuff on the official site. Oh, if you didn't know the game is available now. While I doubt there is a lot to learn about the movie from this app, I'm sure there may be some teases and hints towards the film's story. You can get it for your iPhone and iPod Touch from iTunes, of course.
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