Friday, September 18, 2009

The First Post Is Always The Deepest

Oh, hi Mark! Something crazy happened yesterday, and it wasn't really cool. Cool would be stumbling upon a million dollar check or being gifted with a sweet muscle car from the '60s. Yesterday was more like being hit in the face with a brick that was made from dried and compressed dog crap. Yeah. That doesn't sound like it would feel or smell like fun, now does it?

I lost my job. Doh!

Well, life goes on, and as anyone would attest to, I'm experienced in the ways of bouncing back from pain, sorrow, and tooth decay. While I try to find a new place to call my employment home, I figure it would make sense to do what I did at my old job, whether it were for movies and comics, TV, or even video games. Yes, I'm going to continue to report on things that interest me, write reviews of things, and try to do all the things that I used to do and a ton of things that I didn't do.
While I always wanted to entertain, deliver the goods, and make the readers laugh, that probably only happened one post out of 10. Since I won't be getting paid for this, unless I get traffic and thus Google Adsense gifts me with a miracle, I pretty much don't have to worry about angering advertisers, investors, or anyone else that doesn't like it when I say things are as they are. Oh, and there is lots of garbage out there. Trust me on that one.

Still, let's not revel on how things used to be, and look forward to how things are going to be. I may call upon some friends to contribute to this blog if they want to, some who are in the industry, and maybe some who are not. Still, I need to do something in between the housekeeping, cat feeding, job hunting, and pushups and situps that I'm going to be partaking in while my wife is out making the honest wage.

I hope you'll enjoy what comes of this, and maybe, just maybe, I'll make you laugh.
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