Friday, January 8, 2010

Giveaway: Rob Zombie's Halloween II Unrated Director's Cut Blu-Ray

What? You mean you never got to see Rob Zombies Halloween II in the theater? You mean you've been waiting for it to come out on Blu-ray so you can see all the gore in hi-definition, with all the extra footage that was put back in it? You also want to see all the deleted scenes and extra features in pristine 5.1 HD audio?

Wait, you want it for free too? Ok, so I can do that for you. You see, I've been given the task of providing this film to you, free of charge, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Being that they have said that I am allowed to ask what I want from you to win the thing, however, I will in fact do just that.

Below will be stills from the film. Pick one, make a funny caption to it AND USE AN IMAGE EDITOR TO WRITE IT ON THE PICTURE (Ed.: sorry for the caps but so many people have just been sending me the captions... as text.... in an email), attach it to an E-mail to me and there, you're done. The one that makes me fall off of my chair with laughter wins the prize. Not so hard is it? Really, though, the most original and funniest will probably be the person who can make the best caption that has nothing to do with the film itself... it just usually works best that way. No matter, you want this movie, and you want it in Blu-ray and for free, so you're going to knock this one out of the park. Go ahead, do it and e-mail it to by midnight next Friday, January 15th. Don't forget, this comes out next Tuesday to stores everywhere, January 12th, which also happens to be Rob Zombie's birthday! Yay!

We'll be posting the entries here until then, and announce the winner! Good luck and have fun!

Continue on below to see the entries so far:

Eric Swartz

Bradley Carver

Sarah James

Colleen Cowin

Robbie Sammons


Al V.

And last but not least.... our winner!
Tony Rodriguez

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