Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Circle of Eight Episodes 4 And 5 Review

Two more episodes from the online supernatural drama Circle of Eight have been posted today, and while they are laden with more clues, they have also brought about even more questions. With Jessica and Evan closing in on each other romantically, Jess seems to be calmed from a vision of a dead man quite easily. While she did go to the police for help, the lack of a body pretty much makes it seem like she is losing her mind. The strange shit that Evan tells her and the way he reacts to her seeing some of his unintentionally shown art may be locking his guilt in even further.

Since you can see both of today's episodes online yourself, I'm not going to spoil anything else for you. However, I am going to go on the record of what I can piece together myself. First, go watch everything right here, and then come back for my little spoilery look at the evidence and clues that have been left behind for us to digest.

So, Evan has magical Mountain Dew, which is perfectly fine with me. As one of my favorite sodas, I used to chug that stuff in a manner that would probably kill anyone else. I totally see how enough of it would make someone come up with some insane way of painting. Still, the things that are projecting onto his sheets don't look anything like the glass smear painting he was doing with Jessica. My guess? Those are images of people dying, either in the past or future, probably who live or have lived at The Dante. Time seems to be cyclical, with no beginning or end, and he even seems to hint at that with his little monologue about energy. Also, the toothbrush that fell into the puddle in the first episode is all brand new and still in the packaging again. Not only is that poor dental hygiene (she hasn't brushed the whole time she's been at The Dante?), but it is damn weird!

Science teaches us that matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed, so it seems like Circle of Eight is using these concepts as a philosophical ladder of storytelling. Each time see Evan there seems to be a difference in his degree of 5 o'clock shadow. I figure this is from some form of time displacement that Jessica hasn't figured out yet, and not poor continuity during filming. Also, the visions of the dead people she has had may also be out of time. Who knows? I sure don't, these are just theories, silly!

Evan does seem to know something about his theory, though, as the art piece he freaked out about was of a fire, which seems a lot like the one that is about to happen at the New Years party. Some of the interactive clues involved with that episode also make reference to the fact that he seems to know what is about to happen. Hmm... is it just impossible to escape fate and the inevitable?

I'm not quite sure what is going on in within the entire narrative, but I have a feeling that by the end of this whole thing we will see exactly who or what is in that file room. Why do I have a strange feeling that Jessica is being chosen as the next gatekeeper or ruler of Hell? Maybe that is just my wishful thinking? She might just be nuts after all. I mean, she seems to quickly gravitate towards Evan's nuts. Slow down woman, you've only been there for, like, a day!
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