Monday, November 9, 2009

Circle Of Eight Episode 6: Exclusive Image - Stay Out Of The File Room

If you didn't already know, I'm hopelessly addicted to Paramount Digital Entertainment's MySpace series, Circle of Eight. With all the red herrings, clues, quirky characters, and seemingly inescapable hallways within The Dante, the one room we all want to see is the file room. Why? Well, when you're told to stay out of the file room from the very first episode you couldn't really care less about any other room in the place. Now we are heading into the 6th episode and we still haven't seen the damn room!

I shouldn't say "we," because as of this morning, I've actually seen it. Yes, the fabled room filled with files is about to be unveiled to you. We've got an exclusive look at the next episode of Circle of Eight and it just so happens to take you straight to the dreaded room, complete with files and a pretty serious looking Ed. Check below for the fully expandable image, as well as a little spoiler laden synopsis of what else you are going to see tomorrow!
Against Ed's orders, Jessica breaks into the file room and makes a strange discovery. She sneaks it back to her apartment, and watches in amazement as the mystery deepens before her eyes.
Go to tomorrow for the full episode and more!
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