Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Machete Gets The Go At Sony

When I think of a Mexican that's "big as shit!" I don't think of Antonio Banderas. First of all, he is a Spaniard, not a Mexican, and secondly, he's just not big. I don't know what Steve Buscemi was thinking with that whole story in Desperado. Of course, I, like almost everyone else, must think of Danny Trejo. You know, the quintessential big bad Mexican, usually with a knife, that most people would refer to as "that big, ugly, Mexican guy?" The one that isn't Edward James Olmos. He's finally getting the chance to have a real big starring role, even though he's 65 years old and has been an actor for 24 years.

Think about that for a second. He has done cartoon and video game voices, been in almost 175 movies and TV shows, and yet none have really been starring roles. That alone makes Machete special. The fact that this new movie will stem from a comical fake trailer that was part of Grindhouse makes it even more unique. Though I was really hoping that Eli Roth's Thanksgiving would be the one to be turned into a movie, I'll be more than happy with with a full-length Machete film. The good news is that it has been picked up by Sony for distribution in almost every market it will be shown. We Hispanics need more lead roles in films, even if they include that whole bullshit knife-wielding stereotype. Speaking of which, I have to go sharpen my sword collection.
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